Inna Gurina
Vocalist / Pianist

She was born in a small town Visaginas in Lithuania on the 6th of August 1990. Her father Leonid Gurin was a civil engineer and mother Karina Gurina is a piano teacher. All of her childhood there was always music playing in their house. Her father had a brilliant voice and he would always sing some folk Ukrainian songs for his family and friends. Her mother always had her piano students coming to their house for practising. Inna felt in love with music since she was little. Watching some kids playing the piano or listening to her dad’s singing, Inna has realised that she was born for music.

She went to the music school at the age of 7. First two years Inna was attending violin classes but then realised that she is more in to the piano and singing. She was taking a part in different local and international piano, singing and composing competitions.

Inna graduated the music school at the age of 16 with the highest grades. (Piano, Vocals, Music Theory and Music History). After the music school she started creating her own music. Firstly it was a couple of songs accompanied by the piano. However later on she realised that it wasn’t enough for her and she started to develop her own style, searching for new technologies that could help her bring out different ideas. She started using Ableton Live and experimenting with sound design. At the age of 18 she applied to the university where she realized, that she could do much more by using her voice and knowledge. She started to develop her own vocal techniques, experimenting with harmonies and using different devices such as the TC Helicon Live Voice 2, Launchpad and Axiom Pro. On the first year of the university Inna joined a project that was named ‘AirLand’. In 2012 according to the highest score of the Song writing module, Inna was nominated by the Director of Studies of the University of Hull Scarborough Campus, to take a part in the Musicians Benevolent Fund’s Songwriting Awards.

At the moment Inna is continuing working with AirLand Music. She is giving a private piano and vocal lessons. Her students are attending ABRSM examinations and successfully passing. Inna is also working on her own music and giving performances.

82 Georgiou Griva Digeni
Cyprus, 3101 Limassol
Phone: (+357) 97733713