Music Producer / DJ

He loved music since he remember and always has been around it. Over the time his love for music grew. Some of his main music genres are the Hip Hop and Electro music.

In 2012 he used to work as a waiter, a job that he wasn’t really into, but gave the opportunity that as soon as he got his first wage he straight away went and bought his first DJ console which he always desired.

After countless hours of working hard to improve himself he got the an offer to be the main DJ of a Night Club for one night. His main genre of music was Electro but he decided to move onto different types of music such as Trap, Bass House, R&B music.

In 2015 he started a music technology course just so he could improve himself and learn new things such as producing his own music. Over the years he find himself being a DJ for a couple of Night Clubs & Bars such as Guaba Beach Bar, Marina Roof Bar, Elite Club, VS Club, Dolce Club, Zouk Club and more, which proves his hard work and dedication is finally paying off.
82 Georgiou Griva Digeni
Cyprus, 3101 Limassol
Phone: (+357) 97733713