Music Producer / DJ

Aristos aka Vatti began his musical journey at the age of 16, when he created with 4 friends a rock band in which he was the lead singer. Although the band did not last very long, it helped him discover his love for music and urged him to attend a DJ competition in Galatex – Limassol, in which he won the first prize and started working as a DJ.

Until 2008 and before moving to the UK, he performed in various bars in Limassol and organized many small to medium parties. In 2008 he was enrolled at the University of Hull to study BA Creative Music Technology. During his 4 years of studies he experimented with many different types of performances ranging from DJ performances for the NSDF (National Drama Festival) and sound diffusion performances on a 16:4 sound system, to experimental audio-visual performances. Moreover, during that period he performed and organized a plethora of bar and club parties in in Scarborough and worked as a sound engineer for Stephens Theatre’s musicals which were being performed throughout Scarborough, Hull and Newcastle.

During the summers, Aristos worked as a resident DJ for Ipnotica Club in Limassol and as a sound engineer for the Nicosia based company A.S. Sound and Light Design. Up to the time of his graduation in 2012, he and Inna Gurina had produced under their Airland brand more than 60 original tracks which varied from classic to EDM and from sound design for movies to psychoacoustic compositions.

Aristos developed a keen interest into the more advanced sound technologies which led him to mastering Max/Msp Jitter with which he created various projects such as live looping and building his own electronic instrument “Blue 12S”.

After relocating back to Cyprus, he started building Airland’s recording studio and meanwhile was performing, setting up and organizing a massive variety of events in the hottest venues around, such as Elite Club, Dolce Club, BaronBar Club, Versus Club and Tepee Rock Bar to name few. Other projects he worked on are the Limassol’s Acoustic Festival and Limassol’s Art Festival.
82 Georgiou Griva Digeni
Cyprus, 3101 Limassol
Phone: (+357) 97733713