“Airland” is a brand founded by Aristos Vattis and Inna Gurina in 2010, while deeply immersed in their study of “Creative Music Technology” at the University of Hull. A little over the 2 year mark and the duo’s talent had already been gaining widespread recognition among its peers, fellow artists and the local community. Supplied with an abundance of creativity and a desire to constantly push the limits of the field, they experimented and produced an astonishing variety of work. Their determination to grasp the essence of creativity in music technology shifted their focus into the very foundations of songwriting, composing and performing as much as into producing, recording and mixing. The result was the production of more than 60 highly acclaimed original tracks and naturally, a constant expansion in their skillset, understanding and quality of sound.

In 2012, the long-awaited desire of introducing their supercharged concepts in the Cypriot music scene began to take shape. In between various performances and the plethora of collaborations with the island’s most promising artists, Airland announced the construction of their first studio, based in Limassol, Cyprus. The next few years would witness a highly progressive development accompanied by a rapid expansion in services offered, the studio’s establishment as a full service events management enterprise and most importantly, its recognition as a valuable partner to the major players in the local music industry. To accommodate for the newly created needs, Stelios Kyriakou aka Mangata (DJ & Music Producer) joined the team.


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