WAVE – The Wearable MIDI Ring Controller

WAVE – The Wearable MIDI Ring Controller

Wave enables you to do more with what you already have, adding a creative layer on top of your musical instruments.

Icelandic company Genki Instruments officially launched its Indiegogo for its new device, Wave. An innovative new MIDI device! It is a wearable ring that allows musicians to control to do many things with the motion of their hands. It caught the attention of music tech enthusiasts and press outlets at this year’s annual NAMM Show (NAMM), including Reuters, who interviewed Genki COO Haraldur Hugosson and featured a live demo of Wave at Genki’s booth at NAMM.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of Wave at the NAMM show. We’re extremely happy with the positive reception Wave got and the feedback from users and industry experts from companies such as Native Instruments and Ableton will help us improve,” said Haraldur.

Wave, is a ring that allows musicians to control sound, change effects and send commands with the motion of their hands. It is wireless, non-intrusive and completely programmable by the user. Everyone can set it up to suit their specific needs. It works out of the box with desktop digital audio workstations, mobile, and just about anything that receives Bluetooth MIDI. It gives both visual and haptic feedback as well as having buttons for additional control.

The user can choose which parameters to control with the option to pair them with the desired motion, taps, or clicks of a button. Wave offers the possibility to store several different patches of parameters, allowing the user to cycle between them. Wave also gives the user both visual and physical feedback through LED lights on the ring and a haptic motor. It can connect directly to any music software, appearing in the same way regular MIDI controllers do. However, users can download and use software developed for it to customise further. They can create their own patches, set up directional sections and more.

Control parameters by using the movement of your hand.

Trigger samples by hitting on any surface.

Send commands by clicking with your thumb.

Wave provides five functions that can be used either stand alone or combined.

Wave tested and works with all major music software and mobile apps right out of the box! Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Reaper, Bitwig, Studio One, FL Studio, Garage Band and G-Stomper Studio/Rhythm as well as VJ software such as VDMX5.

Genki Instruments developed Wave in close cooperation with musicians. It was used live on stage for the first time last November at Iceland Airwaves 2017. Wave is now market-ready and ships to first buyers in December 2018.

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